Reaching Women Working in the Bars of Bangkok

In Thailand, the major religion is Buddhism. And so most of the women working at Patpong are Buddhists. They believe that many gods exists, and the more gods they accept, the better they will excel in life. So, we have many women who have accepted Christ and are still working in the bars.
Rahab started a special Bible Study this year with the vision to especially help those women who have given their life to Christ and are still working in the bars to leave the bars. We have it twice a month. When we started it, we wanted to invite just five to seven women, so that we would be able to focus on each of their personal growth, and help with their individual journey with Christ.
But, since starting in February, we have been receiving twenty to twenty-five women every Bible study. Some of them bring their non-believing friends to our study. However, it has been a joy to see the lives of these women change through our meetings. What we thought would be a hindrance has turned out to be a blessing for our community.

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