Children’s worker seminar participants.

Reaching Thailand’s children

CHILDREN ARE USUALLY open and receptive to the Gospel, but until now the Thai church hasn’t paid much attention to them, so it is encouraging to see many churches cooperating to run children’s ministry training seminars. Over the last few months, I have trained 220 children’s workers, young and old, from many churches around Thailand.

Following a seminar in Khon Kaen, Mrs Nongnut, who is over 60 years old, told me about her plans to take the Gospel to many villages in her area. Even though she had never taught children before coming to the seminar, she was full of enthusiasm and confidence. Now every Saturday and Sunday, Mrs Nongnut teaches hundreds of children in five villages about Jesus.

It’s not only the children who come, but also their parents. Whole families have come to Christ in each of these villages. Please pray that more Thai Christians will see the importance of reaching children for Christ!

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