Chuenjit baptising Ben.

Raised from the dead

BEN IS NOT REALLY a bad boy, but he did get into bad company. He ended up in the youth prison near Bangkok, where he heard the Good News about Jesus.

After Chuenjit led him to Christ, Ben’s life changed dramatically. He was released from prison and he went home and told his family about his new faith. They were furious and cursed him as a traitor – useless – and a disgrace to his family. Discouraged, Ben went partying with his friends, and suddenly, unexpectedly, died.

After a week on life support, the doctors pronounced him dead and sent his body to the morgue. After 48 hours however, Ben came back to life again! No-one even prayed for him. After he died, Ben met Jesus who said: “Go back, I am giving you new life! It’s not your time to die yet, there’s a big job for you to do.”
Ben has repented deeply and is telling everyone that they had better believe in Jesus because only He is the Way, the Truth and the Life

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