Rahab Ministries

We are thrilled to announce the Rahab laundry shop is going very well! While we celebrate the success of the new endeavour, we are more overjoyed to share how it is fulfilling the dreams of some, and igniting new dreams in others.

One of the women who recently decided to leave the bar shared how she had always dreamed of opening up her own laundry shop with her sisters. She is very excited to be seeing her dream fulfilled and to be learning and working at the Rahab laundry shop. Another woman at Rahab has been so inspired she wants to go back to her hometown next year and open up her own laundry shop. Please pray for her success in this endeavour.

We celebrate all that God is doing in these women’s lives, as well as the lives of those transformed by the blood of Jesus. Three new women have accepted Christ and four new women have decided to leave behind the bar to join our Rahab community. Praise the Lord!

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