Mita getting baptised

Radical transformation

Mita grew up impoverished in a broken family. Against great odds, Mita finished high school, but then, even though she longed to further her education, she didn’t think she could and resigned herself to hardship and hopelessness.

Then one day, Mita met someone who told her that nothing is impossible when you give your life to Jesus Christ. Right then and there, Mita became a follower of Jesus and prayed that His will be done in her and her family’s life.

When Mita’s family heard of her decision, they ridiculed and threatened her. Mita did not respond, but prayed instead, ‘Jesus, please change my family’. A few months later, Mita’s father became ill. Mita prayed for him, and the Lord healed his body and miraculously delivered him from alcoholism. Her father said, ‘Only God could have done this.’ He too became a follower of Jesus. Within three years, all three of Mita’s brothers also came to the Lord and were set free of drug addiction.

The brothers have become gifted worship leaders in their house church, while their father is out and about taking every opportunity to testify and evangelise. Mita has been able to pursue her studies in the university. Only the Lord Jesus Christ could have done all this in such a short time.

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