Prisoners In Their Own Home

ANNIE AND LINA are on fire for Jesus. Their family began to persecute them soon after they were baptised. They were not allowed to attend church or any meetings. When people from church visited them in their home, the family would curse them. Annie and Lina were treated like prisoners in their own home.

We began to pray for Annie and Lina. During one of the prayer meetings, the Holy Spirit reminded us of the story of Peter when he was in prison and the angel of the Lord rescued him. We prayed that both Annie and Lina would be rescued just as Peter was. After a month had passed, Annie came by the church with her brother. With tears of joy she shared how her unsaved brother was supporting her. That same night he gave his life to Jesus. When Annie and her brother arrived home, their mother met them at the door. She too had visited a local church and given her life to the Lord. Hallelujah!

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