Prayers Needed!

We have lived in our Southeast Asian community for six years now, working to reach Muslim people groups. We now have a national team of seven church planters and two Bible translators. We also have four Western interns working with us.

We are using storying, sometimes known as Deductive Bible Studies, to produce a church planting movement. So far we have at least thirty storying groups where locals study the Word together. Yet none of the groups have made the decision to follow Jesus.

We have produced a number of media tools, including an evangelistic movie. The film is being produced in fourteen regional languages. If you are interested, contact us for a copy.

The team meets daily to pray. We also go out and meet new people to share the Good News with. We offer to start storying groups with the new people. We then follow up with them, being intentional about training local leaders.

We need your prayers! Pray for God to move and establish these groups into believing cells.

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