Prayer Works!

“The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word.” (Hebrews 1:3)

As I was interceding one morning, I was overwhelmed by the immensity of the unfinished task among the unreached people groups (UPGs). I knew that there was still so much to be done for those who have never heard about Jesus. I closed my eyes in prayer and saw a vision of communities enveloped in darkness. As I prayed, I saw a portion of the area light up, but the darkness persisted. That is when I understood the need for an army of prayer warriors to rise amidst the darkened places, so that the radiance of God’s glory that we carry may overcome the veil of darkness.

In praying for UPGs, I familiarise myself by reading facts about their communities so that I can pray with understanding. This gives me greater insight to those I am praying for. My prayers become more personal and sincere.  

My husband and I created a prayer chart for each day of the week. Our list includes our immediate family, colleagues, church leaders, friends, the government, missionaries, nations, and those who have asked for prayer. In so doing, we are able to pray for an average of seventy-five people, seven people groups, and seven different nations each week. 

Some people stop praying because they feel that their prayers are not making any impact. Not very long ago, a friend in India asked me to help her ask the Lord for a theme on a revival meeting that she was planning. I asked for guidance from the Holy Spirit and prayed for her. The following morning, I received a verse; as I was about to write to my friend, a message from her popped up that said she received a verse. It was the same verse I received from the Lord. She was very encouraged that the Lord had confirmed her prayers. Later she informed me that the revival meeting went very well. Prayer works!

Will you consider taking part and impact the nations with your prayers? WO is looking for people willing to commit to pray for our missionaries and for those UPGs who have never heard the Gospel. Let us join forces and together let the radiance of God’s glory light the nations.  

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