Topan at the time his creese and magic stones were burnt & destroyed in the name of Jesus.

The power of sowing seed

ABOUT TEN YEARS ago, our neighbour Topan moved away. Just recently, he came back to visit. He told us that he was having many difficulties. He was depressed and suicidal. He had tried to find peace through his Muslim religion, and he had delved into witchcraft, but nothing had helped.

Then he remembered that ten years earlier, I had shared the Good News with him. He had not responded then, but now, he was standing before me asking how he could have peace in his heart. When I shared the Gospel with him again, he gave his life to Christ.

The next day, he brought his wife to me and asked me to explain the Gospel to her. She too asked Christ into her life. The whole family has now been water baptised, attend church, and have joined a home cell group.

Topan’s life has changed radically. He has renounced all involvement in the occult. With God’s help, he has started a new business that is growing steadily.
Sowing the seed of God’s Word is never in vain. At the appointed time, it will bear fruit. So let us be faithful in sowing the seed of the Word of God!

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