The Burkina Forerunners with Rod Talbot (top left) and Danny & Ruby Bayasen (centre)

The power of prayer

BURKINA FORERUNNERS is a group of indigenous workers who are trained to pray and evangelise. Kader, whose father is a Muslim elder, belongs to the Forerunners. His father was sick and had been in and out of the hospital while the family, spending over US$3000 for medicine and doctor’s fees, saw little improvement in his frail health.

Being recently baptised in the Holy Spirit, Kader decided to pray for his father with another forerunner, Ferdinand. They prayed with such boldness and fervour that the whole neighbourhood wondered what was happening. The Holy Spirit revealed to Kader that his father had been cursed by a sorcerer due to an unfulfilled pact. Kader respectfully but boldly asked his father to confess this sin and seek deliverance. In desperation, the father agreed.

After more prayer, Kedar’s father was miraculously healed and delivered. He is now able to walk to the amazement of his neighbours. Kedar’s older sister also received deliverance after the Holy Spirit revealed she had offered sacrifices on behalf of their father.

Please pray for our team that we may train and equip more forerunners to be evangelists and church planters.

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