The power of His name

CLAVER AND KASMIR grew up in the same village. When Claver became a Christian, his life was radically transformed. Though Claver was burdened for his childhood friend and began witnessing to him, Kasmir did not respond straightaway. His father was a pagan priest and Kasmir was in charge of killing the daily sacrifices.

One day, Claver gave Kasmir a Bible and asked him to read a little bit each day. A year later, Kasmir committed his life to the Lord. Since then, the two have reached out to Kasmir’s family and the whole family has abandoned their pagan beliefs.

Today, Claver and Kasmir are trained Forerunners who continue their ministry together. They regularly speak in different churches and their weekly prayer and deliverance service is growing in numbers as people get set free. At the same time they regularly train other Christian young people on how to pray for the sick and deliver people from evil spirits in Jesus’s name.

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