The Power Of God’s Word

SEVEN THAI children recently wrote to the Good News Team about their faith in Jesus. They had never met any Christians. All they had were the Team’s correspondence lessons and God’s Spirit making His Word real to them.

SASIMAI: My close friend was a strict Buddhist and went to temple daily. I started praying for her to know Jesus. I was amazed when God answered my prayer! Now she is reading the Bible and wants Jesus in her life.

SUWANAT: My parents used to drink a lot. After I told them about Jesus, they stopped.

TANNICHA: I’m so proud I can be a child of God and receive love and hope from Him.

CHANPEN: I showed your lessons to five friends. Now they all want to know Jesus too.

RATTANA: I’m learning not to feel bad about myself when people look down on me, because I know God never looks at me like that.

SUWANAN: I stole things sometimes. But since I’ve known God, I haven’t stolen since.

Each month, hundreds more children write letters like these. Please pray for them.

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