Bangladesh kids

The power of a child’s faith

OUTREACH INDIA welcomes eligible, destitute children at the Aashray Child Care Centre in Pithapuram, East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh. We work hard to give the children a comfortable place to live, a good education and also to prepare them to stand on their own and to become worthy citizens of India. Most importantly, our caretakers train them in the Scriptures.

In one case, we admitted two small children after their parents separated and abandoned them. We taught them to pray to Jesus for all their needs. In particular, they prayed for their parents. After a year or so their parents, who were living in different places, renewed contact with each another, and after counselling were reunited. They both came to us and fetched their children, having convinced us of the change that had taken place in their lives. They are now living together as a happy family. Praise be to God!

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