Post-crisis relief


IT IS UNCANNY how many World Outreach International (WOI) personnel were serving in a locality where some major natural disasters took place in the past six months. In two such countries, ie Pakistan (floods) and the Philippines (typhoon), the WOI motto “a quick response is the best response” became a reality.

Through the generosity and partnership of friends of WOI, our people were able to provide immediate help initially in the form of basic relief aid, eg distributing clean drinking water, food, clothing, bedding, etc. As food supplies and distribution systems improved in the Philippines, WOI relief moved toward the rebuilding of homes for some 350 families who were living under makeshift coverings. In the coming months and as further funding becomes available, this assistance will continue.

When involved in post-crisis relief, WOI personnel take every opportunity to demonstrate the love of God to survivors of any tragedy. Praying with people is easy, they welcome it, as is counselling and speaking words of encouragement to those who have lost all hope. When people have had their very lives shattered and turned upside down, no government nor world agency can take away their sense of being lost, of the desperation they feel – only the peace and presence of God can fill such void.

Knowing that natural disasters will increase, WOI has set up a general Crisis Fund to be drawn from the minute disaster strikes. It is our hope that you will partner with us in keeping this fund afloat. Your partnership in helping WOI personnel be the feet, arms, hands and voice of Jesus in these times of need is greatly appreciated. Thank you.\


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