a quick response is the best response

Post crisis relief

A quick response is the best response

The last two years have seen a dramatic increase of natural disasters worldwide. Thousands of lives have been lost, tens of thousands of families have lost their homes and possessions, and the economies of many nations will take years to recover. Famines, earthquakes and massive flooding are now common annual worldwide events.

In 2011, through the generosity of many friends of World Outreach International, we were able to respond quickly to the famine that struck the Horn of Africa region. Truckloads of food, water and clothing were taken to three specific relief camps. The WOI humanitarian arm of service was also able to reach out to the flood victims of Pakistan and Bangkok, when more funding became available. Every opportunity was also taken to share the love of God with those who were receiving help.

It is interesting to note that the world’s Christian communities are often the first to respond in helping victims of natural disasters – and without discrimination. And so we should! In Matthew 25:42-45, the Word of God clearly states that the Lord expects His Body to demonstrate the love and heart of God towards the less fortunate, the helpless and the hurting.

While World Outreach International is not to be compared to the larger and better known secular humanitarian organisations, more times than not, WOI has people on the ground who are nearby when a disaster strikes and therefore are able to respond quickly.

Our biggest frustration is that we often don’t have enough cash on hand to provide immediate help when disaster strikes. In a crisis, we strive to be able to immediately provide life’s necessities and to save lives. World Outreach International wants to demonstrate the love of God to those in need of practical, emotional and moral support.

Knowing that natural disasters will increase (not decrease), World Outreach International has established a general Crisis Fund to be drawn from, the minute disaster strikes. We hope that you will contribute to this fund. Your partnership in helping WOI personnel be the feet, arms, hands and voice of Jesus in these times of need is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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