Positions available for school teachers

Would you like to make a significant difference in the lives of children who have never heard the Gospel before?

REACH, a World Outreach International affiliated ministry in Shillong City, Meghayala province in North-East India, is looking for 1-2 school teachers who would be willing to serve on the staff at Bethany School where presently over 200 students are studying.

The request has a two-fold goal:

  • Firstly to teach the children and help broaden their minds via different teaching methods and
  • Secondly, to build relationships with the staff and help them to learn new teaching skills.

The opportunity – beginning early 2014 – is for a minimum of one year. Accommodation and visas to reside and teach in India can be arranged by REACH. Teachers need to be self-supporting.

Many of the students are poor and from stateless families and would not normally have the opportunity to get an education. They and their parents have never heard about Jesus Christ.

One of the purposes and ministry goals of Bethany School is to help provide education to such children in order for them to have a hope and a future.  At Bethany the children get to hear about Jesus and many have asked Him into their hearts.

For more information please email us: woi@world-outreach.com

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