Planting Seeds on the Frontline!

Our missionaries serve consistently and faithfully to reach the lost in their communities. Some of the most impactful work is done in subtle, yet profound ways.
Here are some encouraging stories of how God is using one of our faithful families in South East Asia. Please continue to pray for those on the frontline! 
“Our neighbour is married and has 1 child. She and her husband are very good to us, and we have shared food packages with her several times. But so far we have not shared the Good News with her. Last month she asked us, “Who is Jesus?” And because of this question we had the opportunity to explain to her that Jesus is the God we worship, our Mighty Lord.
An older woman had been watching the help we had been giving to her neighbour whose leg was amputated. She told us she was very touched and moved by the help we had given him in the midst of the crisis, saying “you are not family but you care about us”. We answered that it was only because of the Almighty God that we were able to help this way. She was open and let us pray with her.
We also had opportunity to give a package to an old contact. He and his wife sell at the market but because of COVID their income has drastically decreased. They were happy to receive the package, and even though they know we are Christians, they invited us for a meal in their home. Our relationship with them is growing stronger and they have shared their story with us.”


Would you commit to pray with us?

Prayer for World Outreach’s field personnel is vital. We invite and challenge you to support them in prayer.

There are two ways you can do so:

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