Piercing the Heavens

A WONDERFUL PRAYER movement is spreading among Japanese young people. The Lord has awakened them to the unreached. One of the most influential young leaders has just gone to Myanmar long-term with his family to disciple a Least Reached People group there.

Both he and other leaders are very clear that the special place that God has prepared for them is Shulam, the Turkic belt in Central Asia. Watch this space! God is raising up a new generation of “made in Japan” missionaries!
We have just been to Shulam with a prayer team of young Japanese pastors. What a joy to pray and worship with them in the midst of such darkness and oppression, believing that as we praise the Lord, we are piercing the heavens and preparing the way for Him to come with love and salvation. Our on-the-ground team reports their friend coming to Christ and sharing her new faith with friends and family. Open the heavens in Shulam, Lord!

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