Praying for Mrs Baneyamma.

Persevering in faith

MRS BANEYAMMA is an elderly widow, whose young son works as a farm labourer. Earlier this year, she had a severe bleeding problem. As a Hindu she had prayed many times at the temple for healing and also spent a lot of her money seeking treatment and buying medicines, but all was in vain. The doctors finally told her that they could not help her.

In desperation she approached her neighbour, an Outreach India colleague, for prayer. Then the pastor of the church and different members visited her regularly to pray for her over a two week period.

Suddenly, the Lord healed her and the bleeding stopped! She began attending church and requested to be water baptised. She then told her son about Jesus and he too has now become a follower of the Lord. While her community and relatives oppose her becoming a Christian, nevertheless she and her son continue to testify of God’s goodness and no harm has come to them.

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