Perseverance to Help a Devastated Community

Because of the generosity of donors, World Outreach missionaries faithfully directed their relief efforts to people and areas that were overlooked by the international relief agencies. In doing so, they work in difficult circumstances, particularly in Northern Mozambique, which is suffering from a deteriorating security situation.

Here is a story from one of our mission workers there. Because of security reasons, his name can’t be revealed nor the particular town where this happened. This occurred nearly three months after Cyclone Kenneth struck. It’s a remarkable account of a person’s perseverance to help those in need. 

“We have just delivered 397 family kits to P, a coastal town. This was the first help the people there have received since Cyclone Kenneth. Even after many weeks of preparations, negotiations, and waiting for the road to open, we only managed to do the food distributions on the fourth attempt. 

“The first time, the military convoy was hours late to start off. Then we were asked to take election personnel to different towns in Q, and, in the end, we were too late to make the trip to P itself. Frankly, after an attack on a village on the road to P, the truck drivers were not prepared to do the trip.

“The second time, after we decided to make use of boats, the personnel of the food store had to leave after an attack on N, just 1.5 kilometres from them. No security assistance was given to the town. We, therefore, could not get food from the store. The third time, stormy conditions stopped us. 

“The fourth time, we managed to load most of the kits onto the boats in rainy conditions – without them getting wet. Upon arrival, the people were waiting on the beach for the distribution. Of the 2,750 houses that existed in this community prior to the cyclone, less than 10 houses were left standing due to the violence and weather. We also distributed many audio Bibles and a few radios. We ask you to pray for this community.

“The distribution passed without any real problems, but the boat we hired to take us there broke down and we spent many hours waiting before we could return. We arrived back home in the evening, driving back in the night from M. The whole team was so excited, and thankful to have been able to assist this isolated community. 

“We are still preparing to do food distributions in other villages that have not received support.”

This assistance was only made possible because of the generosity of donors to World Outreach’s humanitarian work. If you would like to give toward this important aid, please go to: world-outreach.com/humanitarian-aid

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