Paul Planted, Apollos Watered And The Lord Reaped

“I felt I just could not make it up into the mountains. The floods and muddy steep hills were impossible in some places. The locals could jump from tree root to tree root but not me.” Our trainer ‘P. H.’ has 20 years’ experience in kids’ ministry and training in remote areas of Vietnam. But this recent two-day journey on foot to the Hmong people in the far North was like nothing she’s experienced.
She was the third GM trainer to be making the arduous trip to the Hmong people all the way from the south of Vietnam. Basic training had led to regular kids’ ministry in many churches and then evangelism training led to children’s outreaches into the community. This trip was to introduce our discipleship programme of 400 lessons.

“I only made it with two men pushing me up the slippery slopes. When I arrived, I really wondered if I’d ever see home again – people had died in the floods, and I just couldn’t imagine how I’d make it home safely.” But she pressed on and arrived to a huge welcome from 35 children’s workers including a number of pastors from all around the district. Floods were not going to keep them away!
Some ten years ago, the Hmong had a revival, which swept through village after village. Persecution by the government followed and thousands fled to central Vietnam – persecution there was even worse! These folks stayed behind and have persevered and survived and are dedicated to the Lord.

One pastor said. “We’ve heard about this, but now that we have it in our hands, we are amazed by how excellent it is with colour visual aids! All our churches need it.”

Another said, “Our main need is to raise our children to follow Jesus faithfully and with love in their hearts for Him. I’m going to take this programme to many churches.”

The journey was well-worth the major effort and must have pleased the Lord hugely. She spent a whole month travelling village to village conducting outreaches and training kids’ workers.

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