Partnering with Churches in South Africa

God has been good to us in our initiative to engage with churches in South Africa (SA). Since we started engaging with churches, WOI Mission Partners (MP) have reported that financial and emotional support have increased. More churches are opening their doors for us to work with them, which has resulted in MPs being adopted, prayer rekindled, and new interest in world missions being sparked. We have also had the privilege of churches partnering with us to send their members on Exposure Trips.

There are two important insights we have found valuable in building relationships with churches. The first is prayer. On my own personal journey of prayer, one of the main things that God spoke to me about was, ‘What is in your hands?’ With this in mind we, as a team, had a lot of discussions about praying for, and building relationships with, all the MPs working under WOI from SA. From this starting point (what was already in our hands), we ventured to build relationships with the churches connected to our MPs here in SA.

Secondly, our motive and strategy was to thank our supporting churches for their continued support of their specific WOI MP, as well as ask how we can support them in their mission’s vision. From these conversations, many different connections have grown. We have learned so much from these churches, and by the grace of God we have also been of service to them. We have, in other words, established partnerships with churches that are mutually beneficial to the kingdom of God.

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