Oy’s Testimony

Oy started working in the ‘bars in Patpong’ when she was 14, when there was only one bar. Years later, she became a bar guide (bringing customers to the bar). Through this, she came to know Rahab Ministries. Our women would talk to Oy. She would say, ‘Yes, God is good’, but never really committed her heart to Jesus.
In 2010, she was on her way home from work in the middle of the night when she suddenly heard soldiers shouting at her, ‘Aunty! It’s not safe here. Go home!’ Soon after, she saw a bullet pass right through her leg and hit concrete. She screamed, ‘God help me!’ And she knew it was Jesus who helped her. The next day, she came to Rahab and shared her story. She said that she was alive because of Jesus and that same day she accepted Christ.
Oy served with Rahab for four years. Through Oy, five women joined Rahab, four of whom accepted Christ. Now, because of her age (63), she lives with her sister in Bangkok. Rahab still keeps in touch with her and it’s always a joy to see her when she visits.
One person can make a huge difference if they allow God to use them for His glory (Proverbs 15:31-32).

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