Nations 1 2021 | Our COVID-19 response – INDIA

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our faithful supporters have raised over $80,995 in COVID-19Relief Funds!

We want to bring your some of the testimonies from our missionaries around the globe. For security reasons, some names and locations have not been identified.


Another 50 families

In response to this pandemic, with the help and support of World Outreach, I reached another fifty families in my community. They are the ones who don’t know about the Lord Jesus Christ. I used this time of crisis as an opportunity to be a witness to these people. As I was handing over an assistance package, Mr S. who is a non-believer expressed, ‘I have seen Christian people giving priority to helping their own people, but you came to us and gave this package. We felt so important and you touched our heart. We are so grateful to you. You have shown care and love to us. My family is thankful to the giver.’ I am very grateful to WO for giving me this opportunity to serve these needy families. It’s really a joy to serve them. So far, you have helped me reach 200 non-Christian families from my community.


Miraculous transformation

A member of the church got a call from her village asking for prayer for a lady friend and her unborn child. They did an ultrasound and said that the fetus was deformed and without any limbs. Prayer was requested for her and was prayed for over the phone. This point was shared in the church and everyone prayed for her. Some time later she was called for consultations to see what needed to be done next and they repeated the scan only to find that the baby was perfectly normal. Praise God!


Helping those who can’t work

RR has been ill for about a year but he is now slowly improving. After his illness, his wife has been the bread-earner of the family. She is a daily wage labourer but after the lockdown she is not able to engage in any work making it very difficult for her to run her family. Therefore, the help received has been of great help to her and her family. She is very thankful to WO’s entire team for the help. SR is a single woman and a daily wage labourer. After the lockdown she is not able to engage in any work and is facing a hard time to meet the family’s needs. The help received has been very beneficial and she is very grateful to the entire team of WO. CK is a daily wage labourer and the only earning member of the family. After the lockdown she is not able to engage herself in any work and is facing a lot of hardship. The help received has been very beneficial and she is very grateful to the entire team of WO.



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