Orathai’s Story

I’M FROM A LOVING Christian family but I didn’t know God. I was stubborn, disobeyed my parents, and made them sad often. After coming to Baan Faa Mai (BFM) hostel, I began to know God.

The following year, my Dad died suddenly. He had borrowed money and was paying off a vehicle, so my family had a lot of debt. I couldn’t help, apart from praying, and longed for things to improve. People didn’t understand and made things worse by saying the vehicle would be seized. My siblings and I would have to stop studying, which made me sad. However, Mum and I were confident in God. She encouraged me saying: “Don’t listen to others. We will get through this difficult time.”

At BFM, Pastor Prasert encouraged me to continue trusting God, and my father’s vehicle was finally paid off. Those difficult times caused me to grow strong in God, and I increasingly felt His love. Now, if I have a problem, I’m never discouraged because I know God is full of loving kindness, guides me, and is always with me.

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