Open heaven in Central Asia

LIKE THE TORTOISE who won his race against the hare, our outreach in Shulam, Turkic Central Asia, moves forward slowly! Our team on the ground continues faithfully to disciple their friends; prayer teams visit regularly. Team members who have studied there are developing business angles to return.

Progress is inch by inch. Recently, a Japanese prayer tour member was able to share his testimony clearly with our long-time friend; he listened with wonder and expressed his sense of being far from God and his hunger to know Him. That is progress and others report similar conversations.

We pray for an open heaven over each of our special friends; we imagine angels with visions and dreams to deliver to friends like Cornelius but unable to get through the blanket of darkness. With our prayer and worship, we pierce that shroud and open the heavens, so like Jacob’s angels in Gen 28, they can come down with their precious message.

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