Open Hearts

Praise God that He is transforming lives through the House of Hope in the Tungsonghong slum resettlement community in north Bangkok. This is a safe space where children can come to our worship times, Bible studies and classes after school every evening, as well as to our Top Kids programme on Saturdays and our house church meeting on Sunday mornings.

Please pray for us as we visit the children’s families in this resettlement. We are visiting every family to share the Gospel and pray for any sick people we find. For example, one Sunday we visited Grandma Jure. Please pray that God will heal her from serious kidney disease. Her heart is so open, and we believe she will give her heart to Jesus very soon.

Please also pray for Mr Chart, Mrs Nai and their son Whale (in the photo) who have been attending our church. They had been separated for four years, but God is healing and restoring their relationship. It is wonderful to see that restoration being extended to every area of their lives.

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