Open doors to share with students

WE ARE GRATEFUL to the Lord for the opportunity WOI Solo has had since last year to minister to school pupils at a Christian junior high school. The school has seven classes with about 40 students in each class.

The religion teacher usually teaches lessons that are predetermined by the government and because she is busy there is no time for evangelism. However, she gave us the chance to share the Gospel with her students, almost all of whom were willing to believe in Jesus and receive Him as Saviour and Lord. For follow-up we have given the children our Bible correspondence course, ‘You and Your Friend Jesus’. Many parents have now also received Christ as their Saviour.

Out of the 300 pupils, just over 30 are from a Muslim background. Recently we visited one student, Eko Saputro. His parents told us that they preferred for him to study at the local Muslim school across the road from their house, but that he had chosen to go to the Christian school about an hour and a half’s travel by bike. They are happy nevertheless, with things as they are because Eko is well-behaved and doing well at school. They have even agreed for him to follow Jesus and go to church.

Please pray for these new believers and for our continued ministry in Indonesia. Pray also for another team that is willing to work with us and has a burden for discipling the children.

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