Praying for God's blessing

Open doors and open hearts

ALL OVER THAILAND, state schools (which are usually Buddhist) are open to our Team. We have an amazingly open door to teach the story of Jesus. Even more amazing are the open hearts of the children and teachers.

Comments from some children, after we had been to their school:

“I feel different, like I’m a new person in Jesus.”

“I’d never heard about Jesus before. Can I really believe it?”

“I can’t get those words out of my mind … ‘Jesus loves us and gave His life for us’.”

“As you taught about Jesus I suddenly just knew it’s true. I knew that one day I’ll follow Him.”

Some comments we’ve received from some of the principals:

“Children, today you received valuable knowledge. We should know this story of Jesus.”

“As a child I’d heard something about Jesus. Today I understand about His love for us.”

“Children, I want you to learn from the sacrifice of Jesus.”

“I’ve never seen you children sit so still and be so involved. I want this Team to come again.”

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