One Village at a Time

Many of the Jogi communities are dispersed all across the Thatta district in the Sindh province of South Pakistan. We have been reaching these Jogi communities of about twenty to thirty families each, one village at a time, for the last five years.

To date, three of these villages have received the Lord. The Jogis – the landless, untouchable Hindus rejected by the higher caste Hindus – are often oppressed and exploited by the Muslim communities. At the mercy of these Muslim landlords, the Jogis are forced to cultivate their lands, receiving meagre wages and often without any basic amenities.

Until we came, the Jogis had never heard of salvation in Jesus Christ. Today, however, they are believers in Christ, with thirty-one of them baptised, and now discipled.

In Pakistan, direct evangelism poses a great risk, even in reaching Hindus! Our approach has been to provide social and community development to these needy Hindus, and primary education allows us access into the villages.

Building relationships and trust are crucial. Just this year, Babu villagers have been very receptive, and the Lord opened their hearts to his glorious Gospel.

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