Once Deaf, Now Able to Hear

Noi has been attending a meeting of new believers for some months, but because of being deaf for many years, she was not always able to participate as she would have liked. Despite her hearing problem, the Lord has been blessing Noi in her shrimp farm business, so much so that this year’s shrimp harvest brought in twice the profit she usually receives. When we visited the meeting in Supanburi, we heard about Noi and suggested we pray for her before the meeting began. After praying for her, we began with singing, then prayer, followed by sharing from the Word. As we were repeating some words, we noticed that Noi was also speaking out the same words. As we kept looking at her, she said she could hear everything we were saying. The whole group rejoiced and began praising the Lord, who did a great healing among us that night.

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