On Fire for Jesus

Our Aboriginal ministry partners, Leon and Noelene, are on fire for Jesus. The Australian Outback is a hard field. These guys need to drive one and a half hours on unsealed, pot-holed corrugated road through frequently flooded creeks just to get to the nearest shop for supplies. They have over the past few years led most of the people (hundreds) in the nearest five villages to Christ. Recently on what was planned as a weekend outreach trip to a larger town, Maningrida, they got stuck. Their 1986 troop carrier had rattled and rusted to a halt, so undeterred they hitched a ride without considering the rising rivers and risk of getting trapped. With no operational vehicle, homeless in a town where entire families live in every room, they were flooded in. Yet for two months, they simply continued to minister daily and train up locals in the ministry. Such were the signs and wonders following their preaching that they couldn’t leave the house some days as the sick, some in wheel chairs, were lined up outside for prayer. The church grew to about 275 people. We are so blessed to see those we are discipling rise up to minister with such passion and effectiveness. Now together we face the challenge of supporting their indigenous leaders to disciple these new children of God. The Book of Acts is still truly open for us to be a part of.

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