Nim – determined

BEFORE I KNEW GOD I was Buddhist. After my third year of high school, a friend told me about Baan Faa Mai. I was excited to get accepted. I liked it the first time I saw everyone worship God and pray. It made me want to know God. I was determined to read the Bible.

In my class I was the only person from the mountains. Others lived with their parents in town and did extra private study but this made me work harder. God was always with me – teaching, advising and giving me whatever I was lacking. I prayed every day. Sometimes I didn’t understand my studies but God always blessed me. I didn’t have to sit university entrance exams because my grades were good.

I used to worry about where to do tertiary studies because I didn’t know Chiang Mai but God answered my prayers. I have a nice place to stay at Baan Piemrak. I still pray every day and trust that God will lead me because His plans for me are best.

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