Nice one … Nice!

NICE HAS JUST graduated from high school and left Baan Faa Mai after living here for three years. She trusted in the Lord during this time (the first person to do so from her village).

On leaving BFM she wrote, “Thank you God for bringing me here. I know it was your purpose for me as well as knowing Jesus. I felt afraid when I first came because I didn’t know anyone but after two weeks I realised that everyone is friendly and always available if I needed to talk. It is a big family who encourages me. God has done miracles in my life regarding study, family, health and other things. Whenever something happens that causes me to feel uncomfortable, I pray and God answers my prayers. All this has helped me to know that God loves me very much, is with me all the time and always takes care of me. Thank you God that you did not neglect nor abandon me!”

She will study at Chiang Mai University.

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