Enjoying team building in Burkina Faso.

A new way of thinking for leaders

EARLIER THIS YEAR, I conducted another WOI pastor’s training seminar in Burkina Faso. As hoped and planned, it is becoming a regional seminar with delegates from Benin, Togo, Ivory Coast and Guinea. The topics were ‘Church Growth’ and ‘Team Building’. There was a significant amount of discussion in small groups to contextualise and apply the material. Around 100 pastors were present.

Pastor Youmani from Dori wrote, “The teachings on unity have transformed my way of thinking.”

I then travelled to Dhaka, Bangladesh to conduct the second of a three year programme to train emerging leaders in Bangladesh. Seventy-four new generation leaders from most major denominations attended, despite there being major political and industrial unrest in the country.

One Pastor from Dhaka, who served on the organising committee, said, “In our education system we are normally taught to memorise things; then we are examined on what we have remembered. But you are teaching us to think for ourselves. This is very new for us!”

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