New Wave of Indigenous Movement

When we arrived in northwest India over twenty years ago, there were only a handful of believers in a region of over six million people. The Gospel had never been preached in the towns and villages of the region!

We didn’t know how we would be able to penetrate these communities. But as we prayed and took small steps, and gave our time and energy to local indigenous leaders, we began to experience a breakthrough. We soon began to see an influx of hungry people giving their hearts to Jesus. We saw that God began to do an amazing work through the local indigenous movement.

In the past two decades, we have seen many thousands of people give their lives to Jesus, and many have embraced God’s call in their lives. Our indigenous team has grown to hundreds and have planted over 250 churches where there were literally none. I myself have had the opportunity to baptise thousands of people over the years.
In my last month-long trip, while the monsoon was in full swing, every small and big river was flooding. Despite the floods, 150 people were determined to be baptised. We had to locate a safe spot in the flooded river to be sure that no one would be swept away by the strong current of water. Therefore, we made a human chain while baptising them.

On the day, Govind shared, “I was a staunch Hindu observing all the rituals wholeheartedly. But there was no peace in my life. Everything changed when I received Christ. Now I have the peace that I longed for. Today, I am so happy that I have fulfilled the loving command of my Saviour and received my baptism.”
On one of my trips, I had the opportunity to baptise an elderly man, his wife, son, daughter-in-law, and grandson at the same time. What a joy in heaven there must have been to see three generations baptised in obedience to Jesus. The elderly man said, “I can’t express the joy in my heart to see my whole family follow Christ. Thank you, my Lord Jesus, for saving us.”

There was an amazing joy in the community. I ask for your prayer for a continuous wave of indigenous movement and a flood of people to follow him.

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  • Chris Brittain
    10th March 2018

    Thankyou for serving the Lord among LRPs in NW India May the Lord sutain you always!

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