New Faith Community in Nampula, Mozambique

Our faith community, Tarikhy ya Haakhi, began among the Koti people on the Island of Buzu in Angoche District. The work began to expand to other surrounding islands and the mainland, which is predominantly populated by the Macua people. The work continues to expand and many new communities of faith are being planted in different places. However, Nampula, the main city in the district, has over 30,000 Koti people living there who are from Angoche. They originally went there to study, shop, find employment or to visit their families. Many believers from our network of faith communities also moved to Nampula, but found it difficult to engage with the traditional churches and ended up staying at home. Last year one of our brothers, Valentim, moved to Nampula and had the opportunity to evangelise and create a new congregation in the city. Late last year, 23 people were baptised and added to this community. Please pray for many more people to receive Jesus and for this new community to grow.

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