Open air evangelism evening.

New church plant in Burkina Faso

TOROKORO IS A VILLAGE located 528 km from Ouagadougou. Of its 6000 habitants, 99 per cent are Muslim. Neighbouring villages are either Animist or Muslim. There are very few Christians.

Pastor Gregoir, a young evangelist, recently graduated from a local Bible school. When he attended children’s ministry workshop, the Holy Spirit inspired him to start a church in Torokoro by reaching the 4-14 window. We partnered with him in evangelising the region through film showing, children’s ministry, and community development.

During one open air evangelism, an old woman was brought in for prayers. She was in great pain and could not walk. The Holy Spirit healed her instantly and she began to walk around with a smile on her face.

Key disciples were recently trained using Church Planting Movement principles. Although they are still small in number, they are now planning to plant more churches. Hallelujah!

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