Postpartum visit with family in a nearby village

New charity birthing centre

As we have been working to provide prenatal care and education in more than 30 villages, we have increasingly seen an open door to interface with the community on a deeper level by extending life-saving services to the women. While antenatal care, education and nutrition are vital to healthy pregnancies and family life, the majority of fatal complications happen during birth – with no trained attendants and no access to emergency services.

Together with NIEA, our local partnering organisation, plans have commenced for a charity birthing centre, the first of its kind in this region, where women will be cared for throughout their labour, delivery and postpartum periods. Final preparations are being made with construction of a toilet and laundry area and we anticipate extending invitations to women for delivery at the clinic by the end of March 2012. Thank you for your continued prayers and support as we transition into this exciting new season – we look forward to all that the Father has in store

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