Teaching the creation story.

Never too small to make a difference

SINCE GOD FIRST called our family to serve Him in Mozambique, we have felt compelled to proclaim the whole Gospel. We are thankful for so many opportunities at Maziotela Ministries to demonstrate God’s love in very tangible ways.

Given Maziotela Ministries’ vision to impact and transform the Makua communities, we are launching a new programme that will train and support local preschool teachers, enabling them to pioneer preschools in the surrounding villages.

“Why do we distinguish the value of one human life from another? Does God have different levels of compassion for children based on their geographic location, their nationality, race or parent’s income? God surely grieves and weeps because every one of these children is HIS child… not somebody else’s!” Richard Stearns

Our training seminars focus on :

• The spiritual growth and discipleship of the teacher.
• Preparing and equipping the teacher with necessary skills and knowledge.
• Specific training for children’s ministry.

As the African saying goes: “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try spending the night in a closed room with a mosquito.” None of us is too small to make a difference in God’s kingdom plan for our generation!

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