Never Say Never!

TO EVANGELISE THE Nahara is daunting! They are 500,000 strong with only five missionary couples reaching out to them. There are no churches or Bibles. They live in remote coastal areas with only the sea and bush paths to access them.

Some say the Nahara are only good to fish, practice witchcraft and steal and that they will never be Christians because they are already Muslim.

However, we know differently. A timely, financial donation made possible the purchase of an hour of radio broadcast time each week. We are now broadcasting anointed material across 300 km of Nahara coastline!

We also experienced breakthrough with Muslim fishermen who met with us after their salat prayers. The men were open to hear the creation story. Due to their Arabic background, they are interested in discussions and deeply enjoy spiritual debate. Their only condition for us was that we come back the next day to discuss further. We see yet another miracle: people who are apparently closed to the Gospel are suddenly quite open!

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