Nepal Earthquake Relief Appeal

The effects of the powerful earthquake that struck Nepal on 25 April are still being felt. More than 10,000 lives were lost and twice that many injured. Homes and livelihoods of tens of thousands have been destroyed.

Hundreds of thousands of people are homeless. In one valley in the capital Kathmandu, surviving residents of 61,000 damaged buildings have had to sleep elsewhere. They now live under tarpaulins in parks and open fields. Survivors describe the aftermath with phrases such as utter devastation, unimaginable chaos and total despair.

World Outreach International has been actively involved with the Nepali people (both in Nepal and North East India) for more than fifteen years, both in cities and in the rural areas among Least Reached People groups. Today, in partnership with other relief groups, WOI teams are working to provide practical relief on both fronts. But the challenge is great, as the needs are huge.

Funds are urgently needed now to buy basic humanitarian items such as clean drinking water, tarpaulin, tents, rice, noodles, sugar, salt, cooking utensils, bedding, clothing and medical supplies. As resources allow, building materials will also be required on this long and arduous road of recovery.
Will you help? Your partnership will allow urgently needed supplies to be given out to surviving families, and in turn give them a sense of hope and encouragement for the future. You can help make a big difference!

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