Nepal – A Long and Arduous Road to Recovery

The two horrific earthquakes that hit the nation of Nepal earlier this year saw thousands killed and injured, with livelihoods lost and devastating destruction to property and infrastructure.

One of the WOI teams, led by Kitbok, was able to help relief efforts in the Central Nepal area in the immediate aftermath, in some places where entire villages were destroyed, leaving few survivors. The team met the most basic and practical needs such as drinking water, food, clothing and tarpaulins so that the victims could have a simple shelter over their heads.

Another WOI team, led by Au Yong Mun Heng, partnered with Station for Nations Nepal and the Himalayan Community Care Nepal to survey the extent of the destruction and to organise the needed relief amongst the affected people, especially targeting the not-so-accessible rural areas in Gorkha, Dhading and Sindhupalchock, where fatalities were reported to be among the highest with 505, 373 and 1360 respectively.

The resilience of the Nepalese in the face of the disaster has been reported by several media. The death toll of the earthquake was high in part due to many buildings collapsing during and after the earthquake and the endless aftershocks. The low standard of building and construction resulted in many houses, schools and other buildings collapsing completely, rendering them totally unsafe and impossible to repair. With the arrival of the seasonal monsoon rain, it was urgent that shelters be built to re-house families who had lost their homes.

Thanks to the response of individuals and businesses who gave towards helping the victims in the Nepal earthquake, funds received enabled the WOI teams to help with further relief in the rebuilding of simple houses for families, with the hope that the structures will help the Nepalese to get back on their feet to rebuild their lives.

The road to recovery will be long and arduous for the people of Nepal. The WOI earthquake relief appeal is still open whereby practical help can continue to be extended to village families who lost everything. Thank you.

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