A Need for Equipped Labourers

GOD CONTINUES to open doors for equipping and training leaders! Bishop Clement Mazengela, who has planted several churches in a number of villages, was so blessed after attending one of our strategic rural leadership seminars that he asked our team to train some of his leaders. Most of his leaders have never had any training; the excitement was very high as leaders came together from different villages. In attendance was a very key leader who just so happens to be the wife of one of the local village chiefs. Despite the common knowledge that most African leaders are against Christianity, this couple is being touched by the Lord in a special way. The husband who is a chief is not yet a follower of Jesus yet he cycled his bicycle for six hours to drop his wife to the seminar and cycled back after five days to pick her up. We are praying and believing God that the chief will soon give his life to Jesus.

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