Eugene and Tina Wessels are WO’s South African Field Leaders. In their recent newsletter, they wrote of the life-giving effect that sacrificial giving can make.

The picture above is Lecinia, who is severely ill. She was not able to sit up and hadn’t eaten anything for almost a month. Lecinia was close to death, so we had prayed intensely for God to intervene. Without knowing any of this, financial partners from America, who were themselves struggling under lockdown regulations, put a sacrificial offering into our mission account. We rapidly sent aid to Mozambique and managed to organise special transport from Nicodala to Quelimane, some 40 kilometres away, where Lecinia entered a private hospital, instead of the normal, government hospital where she had been receiving so called ‘treatment’ for a number of weeks.

Once there, she began to receive proper treatment and was slowly pulled back from death’s doorway. Back home, she is recovering her strength daily. We recently heard that she opened her home to another woman and her child to care for because they had no food.

Giving makes a difference in people’s lives like Lecinia.


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