Nations 1 2021 | Our COVID-19 response – SOUTH ASIA

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our faithful supporters have raised over $80,995 in COVID-19 Relief Funds!

We want to bring your some of the testimonies from our missionaries around the globe. For security reasons, some names and locations have not been identified.



Pushed to extreme poverty

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the entire team of World Outreach for their willingness to help our house church believers during the pandemic when we needed help most.

The sudden nationwide lockdown banned people from stepping out of their homes and prohibited people from engaging in any kind of work except work from home. The work from home concept has affected all strata of people especially the daily wage labourers who have no secure job or alternate source of income.

The lockdown forced many people to be unemployed and pushed them to extreme poverty which they were not prepared for. Therefore, people are not able to afford their basic needs of even two meals a day.

The help from WO has been greatly beneficial and improved the lives of many people especially the destitute. In one state, one hundred families benefited from the help and we are still catering to more families.

Mr N is a church planter. He owns a small shop, but had to shut down his shop due to the lockdown. Since he has no alternate source of income and a family of five to feed, he faces a very hard time in maintaining the family’s needs. He is very thankful and expresses his gratitude to WO for the help given to him and his family.

Mrs R is the bread-earner of the family. She has two children and an ill husband to look after. The lockdown has caused her many hardships as she cannot engage herself in any work to earn money. She was very overwhelmed with the help received from WO.

Mdm S is a widow and a mother of two. Currently, she is unemployed due to the lockdown. She is facing a tough time in meeting her family’s needs. The help received has been of great help in meeting some of the basic needs of her family.

Mr P is an auto driver and drives other people’s autos. After the declaration of the lockdown he is not able to earn and meet his family’s daily needs. Most of his earnings have to be spent on his daughter, who has been ill and bedridden for more than a year. The lockdown has shut down all his means of earning. Therefore, he is facing a very hard time. When the family were given help they were very happy and thankful to the team.

Mr B is a church planter. He has had a hard time meeting his family’s needs due to lockdown but he is very grateful to the WO team for their help. He is also very fortunate to be able to help others who are in need as well through WO.



COVID-19 has become a boom for the houses churches. It seems they have hit pay-dirt, as multiplication in the last two months has been beyond the wildest thoughts I’ve had. Every house church has multiplied by at least five times.




Please consider giving to the COVID-19 Assistance Appeal to help reach more people in need!

Our missionaries need funds to help people within the communities they are endeavouring to reach. These funds will be used to purchase food, medicines and other basic necessities to help people struggling to get by.

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