The Bassaly family on the streets of Cairo.

Nation at crossroads

EGYPT HAS BEEN in the world’s media spotlight for some time now. After the dismissal of the President of Muslim Brotherhood, the law and order situation deteriorated quickly. Everyday life became dangerous. Our neighbourhood was surrounded by thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters. They occupied the streets and intimidated the neighbourhood with their weapons and rhetoric. We had to flee our home.

While we did not suffer physically, many people, even some near neighbours, were attacked and beaten up. Others had their homes broken into and property destroyed. One neighbour’s son was shot and killed when out on the streets. Many of our friends left the country wanting a safer environment for their families. We were encouraged to leave Egypt for our own safety.

During the most critical months of the upheaval, we were conscious of people’s prayers and literally felt surrounded by angels. We believe the Lord wants us to stay in Egypt to encourage believers to stand firm and see His glory spread in Egypt and to help disciple those who are calling on the name of the Lord.

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