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A nation in crisis

PLEASE PRAY FOR EGYPT! The economic, social and religious status of the country remains uncertain. There is chaos and confusion at many levels of government.
Egypt’s population is about 90 per cent Muslim. Some Muslim groups took advantage of the Arab Spring uprisings in Egypt and are now part of many key government departments. The constitution is being rewritten and some are working to make Islamic law part of it. This new constitution will have a large effect on the nation and the Christian church in Egypt.

Ninety per cent of the Christians in Egypt belong to the Coptic Orthodox Church. Pope Shenuda, the leader of the Egyptian Coptic Church, recently passed away and Pope Tawadros has been chosen to take his place. Evangelical Christians are praying that God anoints the new pope with wisdom and sound leadership. Many in Egypt consider him to be the voice of Christianity.

The Arab Republic of Egypt needs the prayers of all Christians to intercede on behalf of the nation, that God’s plans and purposes will prevail.

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