Muslim Family Praises our God!

What a blessing to be able to bless others! One of the children we look after is sixteen-year-old Suk. Suk’s parents passed away due to HIV when Suk was still young. Since then, he has been living in a slum in Bangkok, with his 72-year-old grandmother. This Muslim family’s home was falling apart and dangerous to live in.

In August, God provided us with the time, the people, and the money to give their shack an upgrade. Their roof is no longer leaking, and the floor is steady and safe for a 72-year-old woman to walk and sit on. Both Suk and his grandmother were in tears when they saw their upgraded house and couldn’t stop thanking us. We told them to thank God, who is our provider. This Muslim family then praised our God for what he did for them, which was amazing to experience! 

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