rice ministry - special appeal

How much will you give to see whole families leave poverty behind them?

You and I know there are children who are starving everyday because their parents can’t earn enough to feed them. How much does it cost to give a family two piglets that will multiply into a small thriving farm in two years? How much does it cost to give a single parent the capital needed to start a home business and raise the children?

For every $100/£60 you give, RICE Ministry workers can reach out to another family wi th the help and capital they need to make the transformation and leave poverty behind them.

Not only do these people groups need to break out from spiritual entrapment, but more so from their poverty trap.

Partner with World Outreach International, which exists to impact Least Reached People groups with the Good News of Jesus Christ, to make a difference for these people groups so that they can have a hope for their future!


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